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Take A Best Friend On Your Next Adventure.
Cedar Arrows

Give yourself the opportunity to experience a hunting adventure with an amazingly crafted Cedar Arrow, and a bow such as the 'Sidekick', or a 'Bloodbrother' companion; The premier longbow styles custom designed by Scott.  Each longbow style may be in stock or can be custom made. StumpBuster Cedar Arrows - Engineered to make your adventure outdoors endlessly enjoyable. The exterior aluminum enhances the traditional shooting arrow. These arrows are handmade custom arrows to your desired length and weight. Traditional Archery.

"Founding the company name of Best Friend Long Bows was fairly simple.  When I’m out with bow in hand there is something about the feel of it.  There is excitement and also relaxation at the same time.  Naming my bows came from this rather than a bird, animal or prey.  Having a bow in hand that goes with you, that you feel so comfortable with that the experience of the hunt or being out in the woods is so enjoyable.  It’s sharing it with my best friend and at that time it happens to be my bow."

Inquiries are welcome by phone call, e-mail or in person.  Scott has each design available to see, feel and shoot. Call to check on bows in stock. Stop by for shooting guidance and assistance in getting setup. We welcome you to visit us in Northeast Iowa; a place to stay is available in our GUEST suites.

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